Adult Sunday School Classes


Living In Faith

Room 111

Facilitators: Darren Aghabeg, Yvonne Chapman, David Cummings, Donna Gambill, Jana Manning

The Story of Scripture: Overview of the Old Testament

This is your invitation to visit our class. Sunday School is a comfortable way to get to know other members of Faith Presbyterian Church. We begin class with prayer concerns, including: our personal needs, those of our friends, family, and even the nation. During the bible lesson, you can simply listen, or speak up and share your thoughts on the topic or other matters on your heart.

New study beginning February 10th

The Book of JOB.

We know – how depressing!  Poor guy losses everything and those friends of his!!  Many studies on this book focus on the suffering or the “patience” of Job.   Titles such as these:

Sitting With Job Laughing In The Dark

Wrestling With God Holding On To Hope

Waiting on God in Difficult Times Be Patient

When Bad Things Happen To Good People

When You Want To Yell AT God

When the answer to the question “Why is there suffering?”  is “Because God. . . .”; well, it can leave us unsatisfied and with many more questions.

But what if there is something else there to guide us – what if the story is more about point of view than circumstances.  No doubt Job’s situation was as horrible as it can get.  And most likely Job’s friends meant well.  Each player in this epic piece of historical literature has a specific point of view, a perspective and a form of wisdom that is at best incomplete – except for one.  So, we are going to wade into the bad theology & advice, sympathize (& empathize) with Job’s suffering and find the perspective, the point of view, the wisdom that we can count on always  - every time – in every circumstance.



Exploring Faith

Room 112

Facilitator: Richard Taylor

Exploring Faith Adult Sunday School class uses current Christian videos to explore and discuss both historic and modern day issues of faith and values. Each video lasts approximately 85 minutes. After each video, the class discusses the issues (both moral and ethical) and the application of the lessons presented and leaned. At the conclusion of these four videos we will get others to view and add to our collection. Please join us as we explore our faith and discuss ways to share our faith with others.



Advancing in Faith

Room 117

Facilitators: Paul Lawler, Dawn Murray, Gary Yenser

Advancing in Faith is a lively discussion-oriented Sunday School class. Class starts late, but lets out promptly at 10:30. Prayer time for specific concerns precedes the weekly lesson. Spiritual coffee is featured, curriculum is traditional, and few seats remain. Hurry before the class fills up!


Youth & Children's Sunday School Classes


Middle School & Senior High

Facilitators: Jon and Natalie Fuschi

"youth Room" 124A

Gospel centered lessons and discussion.


Kindergarten through 5th Grades follow the David C. Cook curriculum, Bible in Life.


K – 2nd Grade

Facilitator: Gloria Campbell

Room 107

Topics coming up: The God Who Created Us, The God Who Corrects Us, The God Who Calls Us.



3rd – 5th Grade

Facilitator: Jannette Abernathy

Room 103

Topics coming up: We Are Important To Jesus, Jesus Helps Us, God Made The World.



As always, the nursery is available to children under four years old. Children's Church is held during our worship services after the children's message for age 4 through 4th grade.


Bible Studies

Men's Bible Study

With Pastor Greg Darden

Tuesday Mornings, 7:00 AM

Wednesday Evening Bible Study

With Pastor A.B. Scott

Wednesday Evenings at 6:15 PM

Women's Bible Study

With Pastor Greg Darden

Thursday Mornings, 10:30 AM