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December Calendar of Events and Services

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We can’t believe that we’re nearly over three months into the 2018-2019 school year!

We’ll begin our Sunday School series “John with Jon” on August 26 and will continue that through the end of November. This series will be a walk through the gospel of John where we get a very detailed and unique account of the ministry of Jesus as we read a great collection of his preaching and prayers.

While schools are in session, we will be having study group time from 3pm to 5pm every Wednesday night. So grab your books! Come study with us!

  • Sunday and Wednesday Night Youth Ministry: With a new year comes a small change in our youth ministry. We do our best to adapt and make changes based on the needs of our youth. With that said, we’ll be moving our Sunday night youth group time from 3p-5p to 5:30p-7:15p. This will make both of our youth meetings on Wednesday and Sunday sync up time wise.

  • Current Teaching Series “So-CRAY-tes: Questions We Can’t Always Answer” Isn’t it “So-Cray-tes how many answered questions there are in the Bible? But what if we have questions that we can’t answer? Our new teaching series is a deep philosophical look into some of the questions in the Bible that we can’t always answer with our limited understanding. What if the answers We find are subjective? What if those answers don’t make sense? What if there isn’t an answer at all? Join us on Sunday’s and Wednesday’s at 5:30p for food, games, and discussion. See you then!

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Advent is here!

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Current Sermon Series

Traditional Worship Service in the Chapel at 10:45a

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The Christmas Carol Sermons

Sometimes to see the wonder in the Advent season, we have to first face the ghosts of our past.


Contemporary Worship Service in Faith Hall at 10:45a

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The Trappings of Christmas

Finding a beautiful tree, giving the perfect gift, and spending a peaceful holiday with family. Every year we dream of creating the idyllic American Christmas, but what if the trappings of Christmas start to become the meaning of Christmas? What if we’re looking for hope, peace, joy and love from the good things of Christmas, rather than from the Creator of Christmas? Join us in worship this December as we prepare for the coming of the Messiah.

Join us in our Contemporary Worship Service every Sunday at 10:45a

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