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Check out what we've got going on in our youth ministry! We love to have fun and talk about God's Love for us.

Current Teaching Series - The goal of this teaching series is to broach the subject of the online world and technology with our students by asking the question, “What would Jesus do with all of this?”

Lesson 1, “The Technology God,” tries to lay the foundation of how easily technology can be an idol in our lives.

Lesson 2, “Cell Phone Slave,” forces students to ask themselves, “Am I slave to my phone, or am I making my phone a slave to Christ, like I am?”

Lesson 3, “Worth His Blood,” helps students see how much God values them and how nothing in the online world can ever determine our worth.

Lesson 4, “Cyber Bullies, Stupid Cows,” is a somewhat-funny but very Bible-saturated look at a serious issue: bullying. 

Faith Germantown Youth is an awesome group! We are the 6th through 12th graders of Faith Presbyterian Church. We have fun playing games like Ultimate Frisbee and kickball, we have discussions about God, life and grace. We always have snacks and sweets to munch on in the youth room. Come hang out with us!  If you are in middle or high school, join us in youth ministry one night. We love having new people with which we can share God's Love. If you are a parent or church member, we are always looking for help! Send a message to Jon Fuschi, call the church, or swing by the church and say hi to us Wednesdays and Sundays at 5:30-7:15p!